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The end of the water cycle

Returning water to the natural environment

In the last phase of the cycle, treated water that is not reused is returned to the sea through special pipes or ocean outfalls. An effort is made to ensure that natural systems are not altered.

  • Compliance with current regulations and permits

    Ocean outfalls and pipes are maintained to ensure that they work properly. These facilities are checked every year and are monitored externally by a qualified company.

    The aim is to ensure compliance with the current regulations and permits that have been granted. To do this, the following actions are carried out:

    - Controls on samples and analysis of effluent from each facility.

    -Analysis of seawater (receiving waters) in neighbouring areas.
    - Analysis of sediments and organisms at each of the discharge points, and control of the structural quality of each ocean outfall and/or pipeline.

    All the results are gathered in the corresponding final report that includes an evaluation of the results.

Aguas de Antigua is a responsible company with a marked environmental nature that manages the complete water cycle. Our raw material is water, a very precious resource. Consequently, we implement environmentally responsible and efficient behaviour during the entire water production process. We can only contribute to maintaining the ecological balance with the natural environment and sustainable development if we are consistent in our approach.