Water supply management

Water distribution in Antigua

The main distribution network starts at the tank holding product water from the Montaña Blanca desalination plant and ends at the intersection with the FV-2 road. Measuring 1,075 metres in length, it is made of polyethylene and has a diameter of 315 mm.

The pipeline runs parallel to the FV-2 road until it reaches the area of El Castillo, where the diameter narrows to 250 mm. The total length of the pipeline is 2,575 metres.

A polyethylene pipeline with a diameter of 160 mm branches off from the main network to supply the Costa de Antigua area. This pipeline has a total length of 1,025 metres and ends at the Costa Antigua tank

The distribution network has three storage and distribution tanks, one in El Castillo, another in Costa de Antigua and the third in the El Castillo phase-three housing development. A further tank transfers water to the phase-three tank.