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The municipality of Antigua is in the central-eastern part of the island of Fuerteventura and consists of a number of villages and hotel complexes, where Aguas de Antigua is responsible for managing the municipal drinking water supply service.

Aguas de Antigua is highly experienced in managing the urban drinking water supply and sewer system services, used daily by over 174,000 people.

We manage 5 water tanks, 1 desalination plant, 1 wastewater treatment plant and 4 wastewater pumping stations. We also focus our services on seeking the best solutions and adapting them to the local communities where we operate. We offer financial security and highly qualified professionals.

Below is a description of the operation and current state of the supply network in the municipality of Antigua, which currently includes: 2 catchments, 6 tanks, a number of pumping devices and different valve systems:

  • Our work on the Antigua supply network

    • Drinking water treatment.
    • Quality control for distributed water, involving lab tests and monitoring and controls at strategic points in the network.
    • Guaranteed water distribution in line with the volumes received or collected and the existing transport, collection and distribution facilities, maintaining continuity of service.
    • Surveillance, control and maintenance of the catchment, treatment and distribution facilities, general pipelines, storage tanks and distribution network, carrying out searches and repairs for leaks.
    • Continuous surveillance, control and maintenance of the sewer system, wastewater treatment facilities, pumping stations and pipelines throughout the sewer system.
    • Quality control of treated water, involving tests by authorised laboratories.
    • Commercial management of the supply, including customer services, requests for new supplies, billing and bill payment.
    • Installation of new supplies and meters, maintenance of connections and meters.
    • Billing management.