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Montaña Blanca desalination plant

Your water, clean water

The Montaña Blanca desalination plant is located in a 11,000-m2 plot of land at a height of 55 m above sea level. The facilities are accessed via a road for the exclusive use of the plant, which is reached from the Costa de Antigua to Triquivijate road.

The plant consists of the following elements:

  • Seawater tank with a working capacity of 300 m3
  • Product water tank with a working capacity of 950 m3.
  • Pumping station for product water.
  • Industrial building housing the seawater desalination plant and warehouse.

The reverse osmosis production facilities are in the Montaña Blanca building. The building has a working surface area of 1,000 m2. It includes warehouse, workshop, services offices and a sales office. The total production capacity of the facility is 4,980 m3/day.

 You can check the water purification processes in your municipality on the SINAC (National Drinking Water Information System) website