Transparency portal


Welcome to the Aguas de Antigua transparency portal. This section provides all our corporate and financial information, presents our main contracts and subsidies, explains applicable legislation and provides all our communication channels. This is our commitment to transparency and good governance.

  • Company and organisation information

    • Functions

      The purpose of the company is to supply water to Antigua, treat wastewater, provide services outside the municipality of Antigua, construct and execute electricity production facilities and, in general, manage all aspects of the complete water cycle.
    • Company shareholders

      Empresa Mixta de Aguas de Antigua (EMAA) is a mixed public-private service company, whose shareholders are:

      • 51% Antigua Municipal Council, the owner of the services
      • 49% Aguas Costa de Antigua.
    • Governing body



      Juan José Cazorla Hernández


      José Juan González Salmahh


      Gustavo Berriel Hernández

      Agustín Rodríguez Cabrera

      David Marco Comajuan

      Virginia Abreu Carrillo


      Aday Mesa Martín


      Antonio Mateos Batista


    • Functional organisation chart

    • List of work posts

      1 general manager

      2 specialist technicians

      1 administrative staff member

      1 clerk

      1 foreman/electrician

      1 assistant foreman/electrician

      2 official senior operators

      2 official operators

      1 cleaner (4 hours a week)

  • Economic-financial information and statistics

    • Annual budget

      At this link you can view and download the Aguas de Antigua annual budget.
    • Annual accounts and auditors’ reports

      At this link you can view and download the annual accounts and auditors’ reports deposited with the Companies Register.
    • Remuneration

      In 2016, the company administrators received no remuneration for expenses and the directors received 50,000 in remuneration.