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Transparency, the key to good water management

Aguas de Antigua, managing your water

The Empresa Mixta de Aguas de Antigua (EMAA) supply system for the areas of El Castillo and Costa de Antigua consists of a reverse osmosis desalination water production plant and a retail distribution network.

The supply system has had a wholesale supply from the Consorcio de Abastecimiento de Aguas a Fuerteventura (Fuerteventura Water Supply Consortium, CAAF) since September 2002. In 2010, an agreement was reached whereby it was no longer a requirement to buy water from the CAAF from 2010-2014, in exchange for a fee of 21,600 euros in 2010, 43,000 euros in 2011-2013 and finally for 4,800 euros in 2014, when the obligations and rights of both parties expired.

The electricity supply to the facilities comes directly from the distributor’s medium-voltage network through the corresponding supplier.