Mission, vision and values


Provide and ensure a society in general all kinds of related comprehensive water cycle, with maximum quality and efficiency of services, and preserving our future environment in which it operates; promoting career and professional development of its employees and partners and ensuring maximum profitability for its shareholders in dividends. In short, creating value for all its stakeholders.


Consolidated as a leading company in the field of water, energy and the environment in Fuerteventura, differentiated by its personalized, close and high quality service.


1 - CUSTOMER FOCUS: Aguas de Antigua directs its efforts for maximum satisfaction of their client. Thus, through surveys and interviews, study their needs to increase efficiency in its activities.

2 - LIABILITY QUALITY AND EXCELLENCE: The commitment to quality and guarantee of supply is one of the main objectives of the organization. Thus Aguas de Antigua seeks to provide its customers with the highest service levels and demand excellence, and exceeding applying processes, programs and integrated management systems that ensure at all times the quality standards set.

3 - TRANSPARENCY: Application of professional ethics and transparency in all processes Aguas de Antigua and develops information on them is one of the most important principles.

4 - SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENT: Aguas de Antigua is aware that those who work with natural resources has, more than anyone, the responsibility to respect the environment in which they occur and the challenge of getting back at end of cycle nature at its best. This commitment takes shape in his business; services covering all phases of integrated water cycle and the production of renewable energy.

5 - CLOSE: One of the main distinguishing features of the organization is its size, which allows for close management and personalized service, adapted to each situation and meet the basic needs of the municipality. Internally, the size of the company allows a close, relaxed and fluid relationship with all its partners.

6 - WATCH FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Aguas de Antigua is alert to new business opportunities, the development of the water sector and the environment and ways to improve their management and customer relations.