Drinking water

The integrated water cycle in Antigua's main sustainability features, optimizing all available resources and minimizing environmental impact.

The project includes the acquisition, distribution, sanitation and water reuse.


By two wells seawater, which is then pumped and transported to the desalination plant is obtained. Applying a reverse osmosis process, the salt water is extracted and drinkable for human consumption. Drinking water, properly conditioned, stored in five tanks with a capacity of 3,000, 2,000, 1,800, 1,550 and 1,400 meters of water cúblicos respectively, for distribution in the network.


A main pipe carries water from the desalination plant to storage tanks located in the towns of Caleta de Fuste and Costa de Antigua. Hence pipes derive two subnets that are distributed within the population. As a whole, the pipelines installed have a length of over 41 kilometers. They are made from polyethylene generation and have a diameter of between 63 and 315 mm.

The distribution network has been designed following a model properly zoned ring ensures quality and consistency of supply at all points. This configuration minimizes the inconvenience of a breakdown or improvement work localizing their effects on a particular area and reducing the time of disconnection.

Features of the desalination plant


4.800 m3 / day


Caleta de Fuste and Costa de Antigua